My Favorite Bodyshaper

I was sent the most amazing bodyshaper exactly six (yes, SIX) months ago and I haven't told you all about it because, well, it was sent to me by the manufacturer within a week of my third baby being born -- and to be honest with you, things were just too crazy for me to actually sit down and blog. About anything. So to expect me to write something about underwear?

Forget about it.

And I did, except for the fact that I absolutely fell in love with the Amon forgive body shaper. (I am not being paid to say this, by the way. Amon asked if I wanted one when my baby was born, and I said yes. That was it. They never heard from me again. UNTIL NOW. HAAAAA!)

I have tried belly bands, other shapers, EVERYTHING -- the Amon brief is the best thing ever. 

I'm pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but my midsection still has the consistency of pudding. I know I should do core exercises, but I don't have the time -- and my six month old baby weighs 21 pounds already, so I'm physically beat at the end of the day. I just don't get to work on my core as much as I should.

I know. Excuses, excuses.

ANYWAYS. This thing? Makes me go down one jeans size. Which means that if I want to wear my real pants, I have to wear it. Because the scale says I'm back to normal, but my overstretched belly muscles say "No, we just want to hang out all over the place." This thing keeps them in line.

But the important thing, is that the forgive is comfortable. It's just stretchy underwear that goes up past your belly button. It makes me feel some support, gives me a more defined waistline, holds in my gut and looks smooth under dresses. The black one is actually pretty.

It's so comfortable, that sometimes I sleep in it. Enough said. 

Like I said, I wear it all the time and I had not thought to tell you about it until now because I just sat down to buy one WITH MY OWN MONEY and then it hit me: If I'm willing to pay for something even after I got it for free I should let you all know, right?

So there it is. The Amon Forgive. Best bodyshaper ever. I don't think you even have to be post-partum to enjoy it. It's good stuff.