The Power Of Madonna...

OK! Fine! Glee freaks -- you win. I used to secretly make fun of you, but no more. I'm on your side now.

You see, I didn't understand the Glee phenomenon until last night. I had seen a few episodes, three maybe, and I thought it was cute at best. But mostly boring.

But the Madonna episode? It was GENIUS.

Two quotes from the inimitable Sue Sylvester, the most bad-ass villain on TV:

Sue: You don't deserve the power of Madonna... simply put, you have all
the sexuality of all those pandas down at the zoo, who refuse to mate.


Sue: Somewhere on the English countryside, in a stately manor, Madonna
is weeping.


I once was lost, but now I'm found. And I have Heather to thank. ¡Gracias, chica!