Naps are Good

“Napping is too luxurious, too sybaritic, too unproductive, and it’s free; pleasures for which we don’t pay make us anxious”

                    --Barbara Holland, Endangered Pleasures:  In Defense of Naps, Bacon, Martinis, Profanity and Other Indulgences

Americans are afraid of naps.  I for one, am proof of that.  I am always exhausted, and I wear it as a badge of honor, like an idiot happily wearing a paper cone on her head. 

Why do we fight the urge to nap?  As a mother, I live for naps.  The kid’s naps, I mean.  I know that they are happier kids every time they nap.  They are able to focus, smile more, and are an all-around pleasure to be around.  When they skip a nap, or when they fight sleep, they are nothing short of a hysterical mess.  And you know what? The same applies to adults.

Including me. *gulp*

So I will try to nap more.  Maybe I will be more fun to be around.  Maybe I will regain my pre-motherhood brain? Who knows! That would certainly be a bonus!  At least I will lose the dark circles under my eyes. Think of the amount of money I'll save on concealer alone.