The Bloggable Closet: New Beginnings

So by now most of you have had the pleasure of seeing me on video. Wasn't that fun? Taping that couldn't have come at a better time, since it is time for spring cleaning after all PLUS I'm in the midst of de-pregnifying myself. I know that's just the most awful made up word, and I apologize, but I think I've gone through enough birthing three babies and all so I think I've earned the right to leave that word up there. I also can't come up with a better way to explain this...stage..that I'm at. I don't fit in my maternity clothes, and I've already hit up Old Navy for my in-between stage clothes, but the season has changed and I'm not quite un-pregnant looking  yet and I'm not about to go on another shopping spree just for some temporary clothing. I'm too cheap to spend money on disposable clothes.

So I've focused my energies in clearing the clutter from my closet instead. I mean, just take a look at Mount Clothesmore right here:


I'm one of those strange creatures that really enjoys getting rid of stuff. I find a closet full of stuff I don't like incredibly depressing. It just makes me think of all the wasted potential, you know? I like the freedom that comes with having less useless stuff. 

Anyways! I find that the easiest way to clean out the closet is to take everything out. EVERYTHING. I dump it in the most inconvenient place I can think of, because if I put it in a corner somewhere I'll be tempted to leave the piles of clothes festering for days. So I put it on top of my favorite place in the whole world, my bed, and I tell myself that when I'm done with the project I'll be able to lie down for a nice nap as a reward for all my hard work.


After everything is laid out on the bed, I put it back -- and I force myself to do it one item at a time. If I have to think too hard about why I need those jean shorts circa 1992 or what the hell a particular stain is, the clothes don't go back. This is one of the few instances where my inherent laziness is an asset. If I can't be bothered to hang it up, off it goes to a donation box! I don't even have to fold it which pretty much tips the scales towards getting rid of most of it. Sneaky!

Eventually, the work is done and I'm left with a lot of empty hangers and shelves:




That's when the real fun begins! I'm now down to the bare basics -- what still fits and is relatively decent after six years of childbearing and raising isn't much to sing about, I'm afraid -- so I need to restock my closet.

I've mentioned my distaste for buying for buying's sake in the past, so I've decided that the best way to ensure that I buy things thoughtfully is to blog it. From now on I'll be blogging every item of clothing I purchase. It'll force me to think about what direction my style is headed, and I hope (I can only hope!) it'll make me think twice before I spend money on something regrettable -- like those shorts circa 1992.

Of course, I'm a real person with a real budget, so I'm not saying I'll be blogging about this every day -- I neither need nor have the funds to entertain you with a new outfit everyday -- but I'll be blogging my shopping strategies for the next year, and if I put the cash down for something clothing-wise it I'll be blogging it here. 

This should be interesting.