I can't let today go by without a post. You all know how I feel about dates.

This year I'm not committing to more things to do -- I'm super busy finishing up my current commitments -- so I'm just going to tell you 11 things.


1. My little brother turns 33 today. How impossibly amazing is that? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUDY!

2. I will be posting all next week on "Making it BIG as a small blog" -- I think you'll enjoy it!

3. I'm super confused by the weather this year. I feel like we've already had winter, but it's back to fall now. The leaves are pretty, but they're making me melancholy.

4. My middle child wants to be a professional bowler and a crossing guard. It's a good thing both career paths are complementary!

5. Writer's block is no joke, yo. But I'm not giving up!

6. I miss the freedom to travel. You don't even know. This is the year I won't see the internet, and I've hardly been to Miami. Forget about traveling for fun!

7. Ok, so maybe we can't travel, but at least we will be getting a dog in the spring. One of these. YAY!

8. I think I finally have a book in me. Now it's a matter of finding the time to write it. And finding an agent. Or maybe I should go the e-route?

9. (See what I mean about writer's block and not going down without a fight?)

10. I love yoga and pilates. I do.

11. Christmas is coming, and it's my favorite time of the year. I can't wait.

Lots of love to you all. Have a fabulous weekend!