Now is the time when we eat turkey.

Picture via Jodi 

How is it possible that Thanksgiving is but a few days away? THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE Y'ALL.

I actually love this time of year, but I've been incredibly fortunate to be swamped with work lately -- both of the paid and volunteer/school kind -- and I'm trying to keep myself from getting too behind on things.

I've been failing miserably, or it feels like it anyway.

(Am I the only one who is so hard on herself when everything is due at the same time? I don't know what I expect when I try to cram three days of work in two hours. A miracle?)

So! What have I been up to? Why am I hugging Billy?

As you all know, I'm working for and our Boston launch party was last week. A crew of fantabulous local bloggers (and bloggers who are sweet friends) and so very many friends that are un-linkable (but very likeable, don't worry!) came out to support us. I love them even more than Billy. And I really should stop calling him Billy, because his name is Andrew Shue and he founded the company I work for and I'm pretty sure I don't want to get fired. Because my job is so much fun, guys. It's my job to get online and offline moms in suburban Boston together. In other words: party. HOW FAB IS THAT? You can be a part of it too -- join us, if you haven't done so yet. I want to meet you too.

And randomly, here is video of Andrew keeping his cool when presented with a super high tech stroller courtesy of my friends at Isis Parenting:

I don't know why this video makes me laugh, but it does.

Speaking of, this week my acupuncturist is running a deal -- talk about bringing online and offline together -- she's FAB and I owe my not getting sick despite my recent stressful period to her. Also? I only had three hours of sleep the night before the premiere party (pics here) and I didn't look that tired. It's a needle miracle! I swear by acupuncture.

I also wrote a couple of posts for CafeMom on my multicultural family and the holidays. In one, I give you permission to celebrate Thanksgiving however you damn well please. In the other I show you how to add a stealthy latin touch to your turkey. And stay tuned, because this Friday I'll talk about devils and saints.

Oh yes I am.

What's next?

I'm catching up on Frog & Snails posts for you. There are some amazing boy toys (he he) out there and I know you boy mamas need help navigating the sea of pink this gift-giving season. My sons and I have some ideas for stylish gifts, so check the Society page as I will be updating multiple times a day.  Fun!

And of course, there will be more pretty and small blogging in this very space.

But first, it's turkey time. Gobble, gobble!