Getting unstuck...

Yesterday I went to yoga and I quite literally learned nothing new. It was perfect.

It's no secret that I've been stuck lately. I haven't found the words -- wait, that's not even true. I haven't even looked for the words. No biggie, it happens to everyone. But I was getting sick of it.

So I went to yoga. And as the teacher went on and on saying yogi-type things, it all came back to me. The mantra I chose to live by at the end of 2005 -- back when I started blogging, back when it was easy.

“Go for pleasure, not for perfection.” 

It was something another yoga teacher said more than five years ago. I had forgotten. Once I remembered it, I was unstuck physically. Well, for the most part. My shoulders are still a little sore from all the tension they'd been holding for the past few weeks.

Now to work on that mental block...