Drugstore Beauty: Nuance Raw Honey Shampoo

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted in this section...so sorry about that, guys! I've been keeping all the beauty goodies to myself.

Well, I have a good one to share today. I think that anyone that has been in a CVS recently can't help but notice how Salma Hayek is taking over with her Nuance line (no big surprise, since her husband is the president of PPR).

(Actually, it's a huge surprise, since it's a luxury group. Sorry.)

ANYWAY. When I received a box of samples from the line I was super curious -- and the Nuance Raw Honey shampoo and conditioner have absolutely won my heart. Guys, it's cheap -- like $5 or $6 bucks cheap -- but it is amazing.

First, it smells delicious -- like clean honey, if you can imagine that -- and it cleans your hair without leaving a greasy buildup. So it's pretty much perfect. And $6.