little by little

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Please say yes. It's not because I want you to feel that awful feeling, but because when I'm in the middle of feeling overwhelmed I feel so alone. Like I invented it.


Last week was one of those weeks. Two trips in a month, sick kids, school vacation, piles of laundry, no food in the, it was quite the week.

Thankfully, my son is starting to feel better (fingers crossed) and I'm starting to breathe.

Until I see my unpacked luggage and the messy drawers and my the unread number of messages in my inbox keeps climbing and, and I just want to lie down. Except that I can't sleep because I can't stop thinking about the pile of stuff I have to tackle.

It's so much! So...overwhelming.

And then I decide to clean out my purse. Out go the useless receipts from CVS, the old tissues (hey, I have a sick kid, remember?), the old lipgloss tube with no lipgloss left in it.

Aah...that feels better.

So I have a bit of energy and start to clean out my fridge. Why? I wasn't bothered by my fridge. But it's there. So I do it.

And then, then I feel superhuman.

And I start putting away the laundry. And replying to email. And writing.

The little things. Tackle them first. It's all in the little things.