About that Gallup Poll

I imagine that by now you are tired of hearing about that Gallup poll that supposedly shows that Americans prefer sons to daughters.

I don't have much to say on this other than I'm very skeptical about these polls -- they're created specifically to create publicity, and the media loves them because they're controversial and spread like wildfire. So, you know, *yawn*

I will say that it seems to me that people prefer daughters in my cohort. But that could be because I only remember the people who were rude enough to say they feel sorry for me because I only have sons. Rudeness has a way of being memorable, you know.

I hate those "Girls rule, boys drool" tee-shirts -- what message are we sending to our sons? To our daughters?

I also remember reading that Americans who aren't asked a hypothetical question, but who actually do use sex selection methods, overwhelmingly seek to have a girl. 80% of parents who use MicroSort do it in hope of having girls.

Why? I don't know, and I don't judge. I just wish people would stop getting hysterical over these studies.

I don't think there's anything wrong with expressing a hypothetical preference. (Ahem.) I know from experience that as much as one can daydream and plan for the type and size of family one might want, all those dreams dissipate once you meet the family you actually make.

Life has a way of making you understand that this one little baby, this little boy or girl, is the one perfect person you've been waiting for.

So forgive me, if I don't care about polls. I don't care about what the rest of America prefers. I just know I prefer my kids -- just the way they are.