Your Tips for Living Well

It's the little things that make it special...

Last week I wrote about my reasons for writing this blog, about how it's a personal exploration of ways to make today special and you guys were kind enough to share some of the ways you celebrate the everyday. I enjoyed your responses so much I've decided to highlight them here.

Have a happy weekend, and enjoy!

Kate from This Place is Now a Home

One simple thing we do? Eat dinner with nice plates, cloth napkins and appropriate glassware. Even when it’s just me and my husband. Feels nice.

Janet from This Confetti Life

I try to go for a walk every morning, to start off the day living well–a little fresh air, a little exercise.

Carla from All of Me...Now

Today my hubby got out of work unexpectedly early and we just up and went to the beach. Well, as much as you can “up and go to the beach” with a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old. It was such a delight to see their faces when we told them we were going. And the joy I felt being there reminded me, like this post, how it really is easy to make an ordinary day, extraordinary.

Silvia from A Cherry-Red Glimpse

A while ago I realized I was always rushing through things, this leading to the fact that I could not really enjoy any of them. So now I’m trying to slow down, and “feel” every single moment of every single action.. and that’s making my days better!

Thank you, everyone, for sharing your tips. I loved them all! XOXO