Three lip products for lips that are ready for anything

Ok, I don't know about anything, I may be exaggerating. Just a little.

What I really wanted to share is my little system for my makeup bag. If you're like me, you end up throwing random products in your purse as you leave the door, and on the rare occasion you clean out your bag you realize that you've been carrying pounds of junk for no reason at all.

After all, how much lip balm does one person need at a time?

(Mmmm...lip balm)

What I do now, as far as my lips are concerned, is that I only carry three types of lip products. The colors are irrelevant, and I like to carry three shades that are different so I can mix them and create new colors.

I always have:

1. Lip balm: I'm not too picky about this. I usually have a free sample of something with me.

2. Gloss: By gloss, I mean the liquid kind -- the one with a wand. It's great for blending and creating new colors

3. Deeply pigmented lipstick: How old-fashioned of me! Yes, lipstick can be drying and a little trickier to wear, but not when mixed with gloss or balm.

That's it! With one product from each category I can create multiple looks. I just mix and match like crazy. Pink gloss over brown lipstick? Sure! Balm over red gloss? Of course!

What are your must-have lip products?