Make Yourself: Fitting fitness into daily life

All I need for a fabulous workout: A jumprope and a smartphone!

You guys, guess what? I'm not perfect.

(I know!)

I thought that since I have my iPhone with me at all times finding the time to work out (all I need are 30 minutes!) would be a snap.


Turns out you actually have to make the time. Especially if you're working out from home.

Yes, I'm confessing to a slow start: I only worked out two and half times this week. (The doorbell rang, so I stopped, and then there was something shiny.) That is at least two times more than I did before starting the program, but I'm supposed to be challenging myself.

I did learn a lesson: I have to schedule the time to work out. As fun as the Nike Training Club trainer inside my phone is, she can't protect me from all the distractions in my day to day life. So I've started waking up an hour earlier so I can fit exercise in.

Guess what? I like it! (So far.) AND I'M NOT A MORNING PERSON. I just like working out before breakfast. Who knew?

So! To accountability:

Waist: Lost .25 of an inch.

Weight: No loss, but no gain either!

You may remember that my main problem is my lack of core strength due to pregnancy. I hope that the quarter inch is a sign of a stronger core to come. I'll keep you updated!

Did you try the app? (It's free!) Did you keep up with it? What's your secret to staying motivated?


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