It's exactly like Twitter and Instagram with a stamp

I've written before about my love of letters -- and of my love of short but constant communication. In that 2007 post, I told you about my habit of sending postcards. Quick, easy, and more unexpected than an email. Or frankly, a tweet.

(Not that there's anything wrong with twitter. I love twitter!)

Well, I was reading this article in the Globe about freaks like me that still love letters and postcards, and that's where I cam across this nifty little app called postagram. The app is free, and it makes a postcard out of your instagram or iPhone photos, but here's the kicker: The postcards cost .99 and it includes postage to anywhere in the world!

I wish I could have the hour we wasted last month looking for postcards and mailboxes in Vienna. I could have sent any of my dozens of instagram photos to my mom -- for .99 instead of $3 total.

I LOVE technology like this. I also love that you can pop the photo out of the postcard, like so:

Adorable, no?

No, I'm not working with postagram or anything like that. I just think it's a fabulous idea. I've already sent two.

By the way, I'm everydaytreats on instagram. Are you on instagram? Should I follow you? Let me know!