Make Yourself: A Little Dedication. Big Payoff.

Here's the last of my updates on my experience with the Nike Training Club app - and I have to admit, I'm not ending this the way I expected to.

My plan was to tell you about all the inches I lost (2 around my natural waistline) and about the weight I lost (4 lbs) and well, who cares about the rest?


Turns out I care less about the actual inches and pounds and more about what dedicating myself to an exercise program has done for me. I talked a little about it last week, but my favorite part of the whole experience is how good exercise makes me feel -- and not a kumbaya kind of good, a strong kind of good.

The key, I think, is consistency. Not being able to give any excuses, I think, is the magic of using this app.

All I needed were 30 minutes every other day. (And my iPhone.) Other than that, I didn't need anything else. Instead of playing on Twitter, I loaded the app and went for it. That's it. It doesn't get any easier.

And guess what? It worked.

I didn't have to drive to the gym. I didn't have to worry about childcare. I didn't have to worry about the heat, or the rain, or whatever.

Whatever exercise program you decide on, make sure it's one you can actually do. And then do it.

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