Things don't make you stylish. Everyday Tip #17

"I'm not interested in money, I just want to be wonderful." -- Marilyn Monroe

So you all know how much I love Simon Doonan, right? (I got to call him at home this one time for an article I was working on -- he didn't pick up, but he did email me back and was very charming.)

So he has this new book out, which means that he has guest articles all over the place right now. I stumbled on this one about Marilyn Monroe of all people, and it's ostensibly about whether or not she was fat, but it's really about what you learn about people when you look at their material posessions.

It turns out that Marilyn Monroe, eternal fashion and sex icon, had very few clothes -- and the ones she did have were well worn. It seems that instead of spending money on clothes, she spent her money on books (and, um, barbiturates, but while that's sad, it doesn't take away from the point: She was a fashion icon who rarely bought clothes.)
This stunning lack of materialism made me love and respect her more. What do you need in life other than a good book, a few capri pants, and a cotton sundress or two?

The point is, you don't need money or a lot of clothes to have style. It's more important to work on being, in Marilyn's words, "wonderful."

I found the lovely image above at Shopping Detox -- a very charming blog.