Bloom where you're planted. Everyday tip #21

You will be hard-pressed to find someone who hates the snow as much as I do.

(This is a problem when you live in Boston. I know!)

I hate the way it's so cold and slippery and messy and how it turns driving into a game of chance. I hate shoveling it and for the longest time I hated winter clothes.

So I was cold and miserable for about 5 months out of the year. I wore the same ugly ski parka, day in and day out, even when I wasn't skiing. (Oh, who am I kidding, I don't even ski.) I cried with frustration when I had to drive during a snowstorm. I never found the sweet spot for indoor heating -- alternatively freezing and feeling ill from the forced hot air blasting on my face. It was awful. And I had no escape. Because Boston is where I'm planted.

Once I realized, that duh, it's not like winter and snow comes as a surprise when you live up here, I've learned to appreciate and prepare for winter.

I now appreciate the beauty of a snow day -- the quiet outside, the warm fireplace inside. I started to appreciate hot coffee and tea and stews and creamy soups. I started actually buying cozy and cute (to me at least) winter clothes. I started leaving snow white fluffy throws on the sofa, to ward off the chill and make me feel cozy when hanging out at home. I wear cute fluffy slippers indoors -- I used to insist on going barefoot inside my house. No wonder I was miserable!

No, I'm not planning on skiing anytime soon, and if there is a bad snowstorm you will not find me on the roads -- I cancel plans with impunity when the roads are icy because I'm a girl from the caribbean at heart -- but now? I have learned to go with the flow. To live with the seasons.

Winter is my least favorite season of all, but it also makes me appreciate the others even more.