Find your way and enjoy the tea. Everyday tip #22

I was intimidated by tea for the longest time. Maybe it was the Japanese tea ceremony or those fancy teas at big hotels, but I just couldn't get it through my head how tea was supposed to be enjoyable. There was so much pressure to enjoy hot water with some herbs thrown in.

I didn't get it.

And believe me, I tried.

I went to tea houses and bought the fanciest tea I could find. Still, it all tasted...old. It was watery and I just didn't get it.

That is, until I bought the most popular (read: common) brand of tea in England. I figured millions of brits can't be wrong about tea. And you know what? They weren't. Their supermarket tea is delicious.

I like my tea simple: Black tea (preferably PG Tips, but I also like this one) with cream and sugar. That's it. No fancy teapots or gadgetry or anything. It's a cheap little afternoon pick me up, but it brings me more pleasure than some obscure gourmet blend of something from somewhere far away.

It's funny, I like cheap tea and expensive coffee. We like what we like, I guess.