{sponsor spotlight} Eden Fantasys

You might be surprised that the sex shop you can trust is a two-time sponsor of Everyday Treats. I can't blame you, really, since this blog isn't exactly raunchy... but then again the entire point of this blog is enjoying everyday and I SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING THERE, Eden Fantasys!

Seriously, they sell all sorts of things -- not just what you expect from a sex shop. (But yes, they have toys of all kinds as well -- except for the innocent kind, that is -- but we're all adults here.) There’s a large variety of products to suit every taste from gag gifts (heh) to indulgent little luxuries. For example, they sent me the loveliest aromatherapy massage candle (see above); it’s beautiful to look at, smells divine, and when it melts it turns into a very nice warm massage oil.

There is nothing worse than getting a back rub with cold lotion, am I right?

What I really love is the little spout at the end — a tiny little detail, but on that makes all the difference in the world. Thank you for your sponsorship, Eden Fantasys!

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