The secret is every day. Everyday tip #25

I've learned that I am a creature of habit. I've been writing here daily -- I haven't skipped a day so far in 2012 (granted, the year is only 25 days long so far) -- and I think I've become addicted to it.

What seemed like an impossible project has become part of my life.

Now, who knows what the future holds: There is an excellent chance that I will miss a day here or there, but writing here has become a habit in the very best way.

I've read this advice countless times: It is easier to do something every day than to do it sporadically. It's usually applied to things we don't really want to do, but I love writing...just not as much as I apparently loved avoiding it.

Now that I do it every day, it's so much easier to do it.

Try doing it, whatever it is, every day. At least for a while. It works.