Learn to love the process: EverydayTip #6

"Laundry is about the journey. You never actually arrive. Learn to love the process. BE the laundry." -- @ascottwhite

This is one of my favorite tweets of all time. I actually think about it when I do the mind numbing chores that you have to do just to keep life running smoothly -- things like laundry and cleaning up and errands and stuff.

No, I don't love doing those things. I'm not crazy. But I do try to remind myself that since I'll always have to do these things, I might as well enjoy the process. So I buy nice smelling laundry detergent, and I treat errand-running as a chance to get out of the house by myself (maybe I get myself a coffee or do some window shopping) and I'll never enjoy cleaning up, so I keep my eye on the prize -- I just feel happier when there aren't dirty socks on the floor, and those socks aren't going to pick themselves up, so i just do it.