This is important. It's about your future.


There's an election going on this year. Tuesday, November 6? Surely you've marked your calendars.

This election, like every election, is important. You know that. But there are so many things at stake this year -- no matter what your political leanings are -- that you simply cannot sit this one out. I insist.

You may remember that I didn't vote in 2000 and that the whole George W. Bush business was my fault. 

Please don't hate me. I've apologized enough. But go read my story, and remember that every single vote counts. Including yours. (And mine!)

Now it's 2012, and after the crazy whackadoodle election season we've had, I'm feeling some fatigue. You probably are as well.

But don't give up now.

The Presidential debates start tomorrow night. I'll be watching. I need to watch these candidates in action. Will you join me?

Let's look for clues.

Be a part of the conversation.

Make up your own mind.

Voter registration deadlines are looming. REGISTER TO VOTE.

It's so basic that I'm embarrassed to write this, but you have to be registered before you can vote. Are you?

Thankfully, registering is easy to do. You can register here, or here, or even right now, using the widget at the bottom of this post.

There is no excuse not to vote.

Millions of us will be voting. Don't let us speak for you. Use your own words.

See you at the polls.