Long Distance Love: A Story

My husband and I had the opportunity to get away for the weekend to sunny Miami without the kids (YES!) but there was a bit of a problem: Someone had to watch the kids.

All weekend.

All three of them.

We don't have family here in Boston. My in-laws live in Austria. My mom lives in Miami. Our friends are awesome, but they've got kids of their own to worry about. We were out of luck. After all, we couldn't ask grandma to fly up to Boston (in the snow!) from Miam iso that we could fly down to Miami (and the beach!), could we?

You know the answer. OF COURSE WE COULD.

(Thanks, mom!)

To thank my mom (and, um, hopefully tempt her to come visit again) I made her a SPOKEnPHOTO album on my iPhone.  It was so easy (and free!)and much better than a boring ol' note, don't you think? I know you're nosy, so you can watch it here.

(Go on, we're all friends.)

Super cute, right?

Thanks to Lynne at SPOKEnPHOTO for the sponsored opportunity to try out your new service -- I loved it! I'll let you guys know if it convinces my mom to come visit soon!