Two stone cold betches -- one's a clueless purebred, one's a proud mutt.

I know this blog is turning into a dog blog, but how can I not tell you the story behind this picture?

We were out for a Christmas day walk when I told the boys to stop for a picture -- the light was good and I wanted to remember this moment. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of saying it would make a "cute" picture, and well, never tell little boys that something is cute. You can almost make out the three of them running away behind me.

(That makes me laugh -- especially the little arm sticking out from behind my head.)

Anyway, after the boys ran away I turned to my husband and said, "well, I guess it's just me and the dog."

"My two favorite betches," he said, and took this quick photo with his phone.

"I guess we are -- except she's a purebred, and I'm a mutt."