Marco Island

I don't remember if I told you guys (believe it or not, I don't tell you everything -- I KNOW!), but my word/motto/intention last year was "More" -- and boy, was it ever.

I'm not complaining, it was more in so many good ways, but it got to be too much. So I kinda shut down sometime in October.  Eh, I'm not beating myself up about it or anything, it's just the way the year turned out.

I wanted more and I got it. And then I realized that I didn't want quite so much.

So this year, the word that keeps coming to mind is Simplify.

I like it.

I'll be simplifying things this year -- in all aspects of my life -- and I couldn't be more excited about it. I'm not sure how much of that will affect you, but it will certainly affect me and my family, all for the better, I hope. I want to be relaxed and more focused, and I simply can't do it when I have a crazy to-do list hanging over me.


I'm fighting the urge to make a grand complex plan to simplify my life because, hello irony, so I'll just leave it at if it's complicated and can be done in a simpler way, that's the way I'll do it.

It's as simple as that.