This is how you striptease. Everyday tip #42

First, forget all the nonsense floating around about specific "moves" or costumes or stripper poles. You are not a hooker (probably, or you wouldn't even bother reading this) -- so forget all about tacky sequined crap and painful-looking acrobatics and for the love of Love, do not let anyone stuff a dollar bill down your pants.

Forget that.

Now think about having fun.

Yes, fun. This is essentially playtime for grownups.

Stripping for your lover is very easy and very fun. Just watch Sophia and Marcelo:

Isn't that refreshing?

There's no need to memorize crazy dance routines or offer yourself up as if you were submitting to a gynecological exam. Actually, did you notice that you almost don't notice her body? (I said almost. It is Sophia Loren.)

It's because her confidence and enjoyment is so damn contagious -- it's about the game, not showing off the body. So enjoy yourself before you undress -- have dinner, a drink or two. That's sexy.

You are not a plastic doll. You are a person. A person who is ready to have fun.

(Did I mention fun? Don't do it if it's not going to be fun.)

All you have to do is maintain eye contact, take your time, and lose yourself in the moment. A little music in the background helps, but you are not a cheerleader, OK. So keep the volume low and just sway to the music as you undress.

If you do it right, you can keep playing this game for thirty years and it will never get old.

Well, mostly.


PS - I actually hate the word striptease. It brings up so many unsexy images for me so I almost titled this how to undress, but then this very weird video from 1937 popped up. So! for simplicity's sake, I called it strip tease.