A peek inside Adele's house and what your house says about you #46

I just discovered this gorgeous video of Adele performing "Someone Like You" at home:

Just when I thought it would be impossible to love this woman any more (her voice! her lyrics!) I find this video that gives us insight on her songwriting process, I mean it's pretty obvious what the song is about, but to hear it from her and put like this...don't you just want to have her over for coffee and girl talk?
" I can imagine being about 40, looking for him again ... and he is settled with a beautiful wife ... and I am still on my own"

But this post isn't about Adele and her music -- I'm pretty sure you've heard it and have an opinion already. I want to talk about her home. Don't you feel like you know her better by this (curated, yes, and edited, sure) peek into her house? I love all the little details the camera focuses on -- the knick knacks and photos of her dog, the worn out paperbacks on her shelves and the framed photograph (of the same dog!)  she probably hasn't gotten around to  hanging.

It got me to thinking about what I have lying around our house, and what it says about our life. It all tells a tale, even the unfinished projects.

(I also love her headboard and the unmade bed. Yes, a stylist probably unmade it just so for the shoot, but it's a charming touch.)