Put flowers where you see them. Everyday tip #72

Yes, my love affair with flowers continues. Can you tell I have spring fever?

I've been bringing flowers home pretty consistently lately, so they've finally gone from some frilly luxury that I don't know what to do with to something I look forward to enjoying. Tulips are my favorite right now -- they're in season and therefore cheap, but they are also long-lasting. I love seeing them s-l-o-w-l-y open up as I go about my day.

Can you believe that I used to put my flowers in the dining room -- the least used room in the house? It must be because I never put any thought into it. Maybe I saw it on some TV show. I don't know. Then I came to my senses and realized that the flowers are no good if I can't see them (I know this is so ridiculously obvious, but maybe you are like I used to be and don't see the point in flowers).

Now, my flowers are in a small pot on my miniscule entryway table. That way I see them every time I go up and down the stairs, when we come in and out of the house...and sure, any visitors get to see them too.

The photo frame, sadly, is still looking for a photo to fill it. Baby steps, people. Baby steps...