Check-ups. Everyday tip #61

My annual physical is never fun, but this year was the year that I turned thirty five so I was dreading it much more than usual.

When you turn thirty-five, they start you on calcium and you get to take a baseline mammogram. None of these things are particularly fun.

I know that the only reason I went for my appointment is that I scheduled it more than six months ago. I made the appointment far in advance, and around an important date, because I just knew that my health is the kind of thing that I would push to the bottom of my priority list.

Now that all the tests are behind me, I feel soo relieved.

Make your appointment...and then forget about it until the time comes. Do this especially if you don't have time for this. If you make the appointment way in advance, you will schedule around it.

(Oh, and if you like chocolate, may I recommend this calcium? SO GOOD.)