Lavinia Bangs. Everyday #81

(I hate posting my own picture online. This is something I'm trying to get over, so here it is.)

So I finally got my bangs cut, and I love them! No more hair in my face! One more thing to cross off the to do list! Yay!

So why post about them?

Well, for starters, it's about the most bloggable thing that has happened all week. I've been very busy and distracted, but it's nothing I need to write about, because it's so boring. My bangs? Now that I can talk about nonstop, despite the fact that my haircut is probably boring to you as well.

For instance, when I walked out of the salon and looked at myself on my rearview mirror I realized that she had given me Lavinia bangs. (Yes, I had just watched the Downton Abbey Christmas Special. Shut up.) I was very amused by the fact that this is the first time my hair has managed to approximate the hair of someone who's on TV. Whenever I get a haircut I go in with pictures from magazines, and I am always disappointed because I never look like the people in the pictures, so I had given up. I just told her to get them away from my eyes but not to make them too blunt. And then, much to my delight for no discernible reason, I walk out with the bangs of a fictional saint. It's a miracle, I tell you.

The other thing is that I'm always surprised when people notice that I got bangs cut. I'm not sure why this is, since bangs are the closest thing to having something written on your forehead, but every time someone mentions them I'm a little embarrassed. This is very strange, I realize this, but I don't have an answer for you as to why. Last year, I chopped off 10 inches and didn't feel as naked and different as I feel with my bangs. Maybe it's because they're too "look at me" and I don't actually enjoy being the center of attention? I'm a shocked as you are, because I have blogs on the internets, and that doesn't make sense.

I told you I could go on forever about bangs, but I will spare you for now. You're very much welcome.