A week of The Fresh Diet

My week with The Fresh Diet has come to an end. I'm SO SAD about this, you guys don't even know.

Gone are the days where my meals appeared magically on my front steps, cooled and sealed (for safety), and all I had to do was be surprised at what was prepared for me. This must be what being a kid feels like, except that I actually chose my meals in advance (I did my whole week in one sitting).

Overall, the meals were delicious and fresh. The salads were consistently excellent. Breakfast was more elaborate and filling than I normally would eat. I love fish, but unfortunately fish doesn't reheat well -- this was the weakest link in the whole program. I don't know why I ordered fish, because I never reheat fish at home. Sorry to break the news to my fellow fish lovers.

Everything else? Well, look for yourself. I loved the food and I photographed most of my meals, snacks and desserts so you can see for yourself. I'm missing a few meals because, well, this is real life and sometimes I was in a hurry.

The Fresh Diet has a special offer if you’re interested in trying their meals for yourself:  Receive 3 days free with the purchase of a 31 day plan at $29.99 per day. The promo code is: semommar29.

(Please note that I took all these photos with my iPhone, and that I added nothing to style the photos. Except, of course, put the food on a plate. Most of the time.)

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