Theme parties. Everyday #107

There are two types of people in the world: Those that love theme parties and those who think they're stupid.

Guess where I fall? Here's a hint: I LOVE THEME PARTIES.

(Last year I was invited to a 90's birthday party and I spent weeks researching the 90s, even though I lived them. I bought scrunchies (which are still awesome) and pulled out my fake Doc Martens and "vintage" vests. I made a mix CD -- of course -- of 90s music for the birthday boy and used the image at the top of this post as the CD liner. We brought Goldschläger so we could do shots. [The hosts had an ice luge for shots, because we were all in college in the 90s, and well...] I watched scenes from Clueless on YouTube, as if. I wore Chanel Vamp and almost choked myself with a fake choker I put together out of shoelaces and an old pin. Call me a "L"oser, see if I care!)

I have a little theme party problem. But guess what? It's fun! You should try getting into the spirit too!

Maybe it's because I'm the type that finds that boundaries boost my creativity. Maybe it's because I'm a kid at heart (why should kids have all the themed parties, i.e. all the fun?) Maybe it's because I'm a ridiculous fool that just doesn't care.


I'm thinking about this because there's a theme party at Mom 2.0 -- a white party on the beach -- and like every time there's a theme party I'm reminded that everyone doesn't share my, um, enthusiasm, for themes. I can't help it -- all I can think of is how a dress code/theme makes it so much easier to decide what to wear.

I don't go around wearing head to toe white -- that's too santería for me -- but I already have a pair of white jeans, and I'm sure I can find a white top somewhere. Party attire = done. Most people have white shorts, or a white skirt or T-shirt or something. If I didn't own any white items at all, I'd probably buy a bathing suit coverup (the party's on the sand, at night) and call it a day. And if I truly didn't own any white items or care to buy any, I'd borrow the hotel bathrobe and be done with it. Or strip the bed and make a toga. Whatever, the point is to have fun.

If you're going to be at this party with me, I won't hate you if you refuse to wear white. But why miss out on the fun? It's like showing up at a surprise party half an hour after the surprise. Yeah, you made it to the party, but you missed the whole point of it.

Do you like theme parties? What's the last theme party you went to? Please tell me and MAKE MY NIGHT!