Miami, day one. Everyday #124

Today I got to spend the day with my family and pretend I was just another Miami girl.

We had brunch in the Gables, because of course we did.

We went to Kennedy Park, where we played with my adorable nephew and let the dogs tire themselves out in the park.

It was hot (because it always is) so we picked up an A.C.'s Icees. When I got to my hotel, the bellman was all like, "you're local, aren't you?" I asked him why -- maybe my Miami vibe was extra strong after my day running around town?

"The A.C.'s cup gives you away," he said. Guilty as charged.

(My brother picked this up for me and he got into a conversation with some crew from The Wire -- sorry internet, it was Burn Notice. They were filming at the park, of course, because only on TV does everything in Miami happen on the waterfront. You'd think the city was in the shape of Chile.)

And as I walk to my room to deliver my bags I find a life-size replica of Empress Sisi's portrait, right there in the hotel lobby. Why she hangs in a Ritz on Key Biscayne is beyond me, but of course I had to send a picture of it to my husband. It's like coming to my old home to reminders of my current home. All I need is a Dunkin' Donuts and the circle is complete.