Miami, day Two. Everyday #125(ish)

Guys, first of all I'm writing this on May 4 -- not the 5th -- because I was too busy having fun and talking to people at Mom 2.0.

I did think about this post on the 4th, but I just didn't make it to the computer during the day. Oh well...

One of the best things about going to conferences like this is that you finally connect (which is just a fancy way of saying "talk") in person with people you either work with or admire from afar. You have conversations in hallways and bathrooms and beaches.

The worst part is not having the time to process (which is just a fancy way of saying "think about") all the things you are talking about.

I'm having a great time in Miami, though it's super confusing to hang out in places you used to a dozen years ago with people you've worked with for years, on the internet.

It's strange, this social media world. More on that when I'm back in Boston. But I'm having a wonderful time!