Play! Everyday #128

One of the many, many things that have stuck with me from my Mom 2.0 weekend (I will tell you more...later...I still haven't recuperated!) was Meredith Sinclair's 7 minute talk on Play.

Basically, she just encouraged us to get out there and play. And to use our kids as an excuse to have fun.

She's right, you know. Play -- just for fun play, not "supervising" or "brain-building" play -- unleashes your creativity.

And as much as I love my screens, physical play is better than virtual. Your body has to get into it!

So as soon as I got off the plane, I had some lunch and we took the kids to park. Where I tried to teach the boys hopscotch. They weren't interested, but I was, so I played.

It was fun. I need to do that more often.

How often do you play?