Boys home for the summer? BabbaBox to the rescue!

Hi! This post has been sponsored by BabbaCo -- a company that was new to us, and now my boys and I are fans! Read on, and you'll see why! Plus, be sure to enter for a chance to win your very own BabbaBox (or get 50% off your first Babbabox with a subscription!)

Yesterday was the first day of summer vacation, which, yay! but now I have a house full of boys with nothing do. It's enough to send me into panic mode!

We spend a lot of time outside, but because I'm not the craftiest of mothers I'm afraid our indoor time tends to be a little boring for the kids. And then our house gets absolutely trashed.

So we've been working on the BabbaBox we received a week ago, and you guys -- it has been a lifesaver!

So what's a BabbaBox, you ask? It's a box full of activities that arrives on your doorstep, almost like magic, and comes with everything you need for a month of fun. It's almost like Mary Poppins' magical bag, except it's real.

When our box arrived, the boys couldn't wait to dig in. I really appreciate the presentation -- it totally adds to the specialness of the box. One of the kids thought there was a mistake, since it wasn't any of their birthdays.

When I finally let them tear into it, the consensus was "whoah!"

I loved that everything was included -- down to the child-safe scissors and the coloring pencils. (Our safety scissors have a way of disappearing for some reason.)

Then I saw that the theme for our box is "The Way I Feel" and I won't lie, I kinda rolled my eyes a little. I don't know about your boys, but mine aren't exactly the best at exploring their feelings.

But then I read the materials -- there is a lot of information for parents on the lessons behind each activity -- and I was even more impressed. This box is full of fun things but they all are educational as well, and the explanations are friendly and simple enough for a someone like me, who isn't on a mission to become an early childhood educator, to understand. It has given me a few ideas for ways to integrate the theme into our month.

So, what have the boys done so far?

First off, we made Feelings Magnets. The packet included everything, even the magnetic tape.

I learned that one of my sons needs more work on his scissors skills, but he was so excited that his brothers let him have the "Happy" magnet that he totally applied himself:

And now, my fridge looks like this:

The boys love moving the magnets around, and they tell me how their moods change throughout the day. Apparently they were very apprehensive and confused this morning, but it worked! They're talking feeeeelings.

The next activity was super fun -- they got to play spy games!

This kit brought a set of super cool spy glasses -- they have mirrors on the side, so you can see what's going on behind you. (I always wanted a pair when I was a kid.)

Of course, the boys had a lot of fun with this. I'm not sure what this feeling is, but the result was lots of giggles.

My oldest loved the feelings journal that came complete with stickers to track all the feelings he saw in others. It's a lot like birdwatching, except more fun because he got to go around sneakily recording the feelings of the people around him. What a cute way to encourage the boys to recognize other people's feelings, don't you think?

Those are just two of the activities in our box -- we've had a lot of fun so far this week, but we still have sock puppets to make (socks are included, of course), books to read, apps to download ... yup, I'd say the fun lasts a whole month.

But my favorite touch is that BabbaCo didn't forget the parents. They even included a little gift for us, with a nice little note and everything:

Overall, I'm very impressed with the BabbaBox, and I'm very excited that BabbaCo has so graciously offered Frog & Snail readers an awesome deal -- 50% off your first box when you sign up for a BabbaBox subscription! Just use the code FNS50OFF

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Best of luck!