"Done is better than perfect"

Quote poster by Bernard Barry

Perfectionism isn't exactly a monster, but I find it to be a very convenient excuse. For everything. I find I'm always telling myself little lies, "Oh, I'd totally get this done but it has to be perfect." This is clearly stupid, but never more so than when I spend hours researching for, let's say, the perfect dishwashing soap. Who cares? I don't even care that much, but I must have spent hours last week trying to figure out the most perfect soap to replace the one we'd used up. Sigh.

Of course, I keep putting things off -- in the name of research and perfection -- and then I get a big knot in my belly because I know I what I really need is to just get started already.

Does this happen to you as well? Do you know what the solution is?

I'm always amazed at how well things turn out when I allow myself to be imperfect. To start that draft and let it sit. I always find that it's never as bad as I feared.

Isn't that what perfectionism is, fear?

And isn't it interesting how perfectionism is so closely related to procrastination?

I've got to remember the awesome feeling of relief when I finish something, even when it isn't perfect. That poster is true, done is better than perfect..