Crushing: Half & Mitad

It's no secret that I'm hispanic (and if you didn't know, surprise!, though I really hope that it's obvious). In the same way that I'm a woman and a human -- it's everything that I am, and just a part of it, all at once.

I've always been comfortable juggling different cultures. And then I married an Austrian who grew up all over the place himself, because I apparently I love being a multicultural soup so much that I want the same for my kids, only more. Does that make sense?

Anyway! I stumbled on Laurenne's poetry project Half & Mitad while surfing the internet and I fell in love with her story and her sense of humor about her search for her roots.

I also felt a little guilty because I'm not being very strict on the Spanish at home. I really want my boys to feel whole -- and to know that it's OK to be a little bit of everything.

She has her entire book of poetry here -- for free!

Take a look and have a little giggle. No Spanish required.