Broiled Grapefruit -- the perfect winter treat

Roasted Grapefruit

This time of the year makes me crave lightness. Perhaps it's to fight all the heavy darkness that surrounds us? Or maybe it's just that I've eaten too many rich foods.

It's getting cold up here in Boston, and while I'm pretty sure the boys and I already paid our flu dues back in December (boy did that ever suck), we all have a little bit of a cold (again) and it's freezing out and I'm not exactly jumping up for joy here.

So I decided to buy some grapefruit and try something new for me: Broiled grapefruit. I learned about it on Pinterest.

Have you tried it?

You should. It's delicious!

Plus, the honey and citrus can only be good for you.Happy January, everyone!


There are different versions all over the internet, but here 's what I like.

1 Ruby Red Grapefruit, sliced in half

then put one pat of butter on each half

brown sugar (sprinkle liberally)

honey (drizzle liberally)

Place both grapefruit halves on a broiling pan, and put under the broiler. You can caramelize to taste -- as you can see, I don't like it too burned, which maybe makes for better pictures, but I like it just warmed up and juicy. (Does that sound dirty? I hope so!)