Multitasking Mom

I obviously don't have an army of beauty experts getting me ready for work in the morning -- as the fellow moms at school drop off and yes, pick up can attest to -- but then again, marketers and writers don't have to look perfect for the cameras. (And thank goodness for that!) Despite the impossibly glamorous life of Gisele (and her many, many rude faux passes) I can't help but want to give her a high five for this picture. 

Sure, it's a little staged, but she knows exactly what she's saying. And I like it. 

As much as I complain about how hard everything is when you have kids, I have to admit that since becoming a mom I've learned to not care what people think. So I can't go on every trip opportunity offered to me? So what? I just have to be picky and make the trips that I do take matter. So I have to have a conference call with three boys in the background fighting over God knows what? SO WHAT. I just warn everyone that when I'm not on mute, there will be a chorus of chaos behind me. Pre-kid, practically perfect in every way MBA me would have been apalled at the lack of professionalism. Current me? Eh, that's life. You want my professional input? I'm happy to give it, but I'm not going to pretend I don't have a life that goes along with it. 

I also love her very South American acceptance of the fact that no one, especially mothers, can do it all. Even Gisele, queen of the glamazons, needs a team to help her do her work. Sure her work is to be impossibly gorgeous and make us question that donut we had for breakfast, but she's not pretending that she naturally and flawlessly looks like that. I wish more American mothers would reject the crazy notion of having and doing it all. It's impossible.