On the fifth day of Christmas...

I just love this time of the year; it's such a disorienting mess. I didn't even realize it was Sunday because the days have melded into a lazy Christmas/New Years hybrid and I think that's just perfect. It's only the fifth day of Christmas (sadly, it seems that for a lot of people that celebrate Christmas it has ended for them, but it's not even halfway done. It all gets so confusing. I'm not even religious, I just take as much of a good thing as I can, and twelve days of Christmas is pretty darn good. The end.)

Anyway! It's been a good Christmas. Food and family (which of course leads to lethargy and fighting) and friends and kids with heads buried in new electronics and kinda sorta sleeping in and of course colds for everyone! I'm not even complaining. It happens every year and I live for the predictability. 

We also went into Boston and got caught in a snowstorm while walking on Newbury and it just couldn't have been more perfect. 

I hope you're having a good Christmas if you celebrate, and if you don't, that you are enjoying the time off from dealing with the likes of me. Soon, I will be back in the swing of things and we'll all long for this quiet stretch. Let's enjoy it.