I love you, Boston.

Even casual readers of this blog know that I live in Boston. I'm not a native -- not at all -- but after more than a decade here, I absolutely love it here. Here's the post I wrote once I realized I was in love with this dirty old town.

One of the things I love about Boston is our marathon. I will never run a marathon, but I  love the Marathon. I love how accessible it is. You can just jump in and out of the race, if you want. You can high-five your friends as they run by. I find so much inspiration from it. Here's the post I wrote about the last time I was there (with my kids. I can't even go there.).

Today is Patriots day. A quirky Massachusetts holiday. One that heralds the end of winter. A casual, inconvenient holiday -- the eastern part of the state is effectively sliced in half, and getting anywhere is such a pain, it's hardly worth it.

I wasn't at the Marathon today. But when I woke up this morning, I wondered if I should take the kids again.

This is the post where I wonder why people can't just run and have friends and strangers cheer them on in peace?