Things my children have cried about in the past month

1. Pet snowballs and the fragility of life

Because his pet snowball ("Snowy") wasn't allowed to come along for the ride in our heated car. At the time I was in such despair over the never ending winter, that I got all metaphysical and told him what I was really thinking: "Snowy is all around us. Don't cry. Snowy is NEVER LEAVING."

Because in March it truly felt like it the Snow was never leaving. Woe.

SPOILER: It's now spring. (Hooray!)

2. Because I don't let them have donuts for dinner

Breakfast, however, was fair game:

That's a pretty kickass breakfast, kids. Nevertheless, there was still tears and drama. Because children.

3. Because I don't let them wear the same clothes for an entire week.

A week! I mean, I don't care if they wear the same pants a couple of days in a row, but I draw the line at wearing the same t-shirt and shorts on seven consecutive weekdays. I have standards. And a nose. 

4. Because my blog was hacked and I had to ditch Wordpress and I don't even have time to think how am I supposed to figure this out? Wah.

(Actually, the kids truly couldn't care less. But maybe I did. Thankfully, the wonderful Elan (better known as Schmutzie) took pity on me on day four of the hacking drama and took my sad, destroyed wordpress blog and replicated it on Squarespace. Schmutzie is a true Internet Ninja. Thank you!)