Just an update on Father's day

Hey! Long time no speak. Have you missed me? I've missed you -- or, rather, writing to you. So here's a post. It's your lucky night!

Today was Father's day (you may have heard, I'm assuming); I kind of love that dads are getting all this attention. I vaguely remember Father's day being a bit of an afterthought, but I think the dads are finally getting the respect they deserve. I'm very sad that my dad isn't around to celebrate, but I do have a wonderful husband which kind of eases the sting a bit because it was important to celebrate him. And we did!

First thing you should know is that I gave him those fancy noise-cancelling headphones you always see executive-types wear on airplanes -- ostentibly because he loves music (which he does) but really because have you met our children? They are loud.

Second thing you should know is that he wanted to do the opposite of what I want to do on Mother's day, which is spend as much time as possible with the dog and the children. Aren't dads adorable? AND he wanted to go out to eat with all three boys AND the dog, which is just about the scariest thing I can think of doing on a fine Sunday afternoon, but it's his day, so we obliged. 

I decided that the only place that would make sense is the little French bistro in our town (it isn't one of those snooty French places...just a neighborhood hangout across the street from a gas station but lovely nonetheless) and of course they accepted Lola with open arms, because French people. But the dog! And the boys! They were wriggly and loud and I was horrified because we were seated next to an elderly couple that kept stealing side glances at us. 

I was not having having fun. 

At one point the stares turned friendly (I believe it was around the time I was trying to get my middle child to eat his beef bourgignone by telling him it's just like goulash! But more expensive so please eat it!) and the woman started to talk to us. She basically invited us to visit their little family museum in Prague. She gave me her card and insisted we visit. OK, sure, whatever. You know how you just make small talk and make promises you know are never happening? It was like that. 

We chatted about the international life (working like crazy here so that you can travel and dream of retiring elsewhere) but mostly they thought Lola was regal. (Lola drooled on his pants, so not so much, but it was nice of her to say.) Once we got in the car and headed to the dog park, because again, my husband is amazing, I looked at her card and checked out their website. Turns out that their little museum is a huge complex of castles! How random, right? But my favorite part is that the family is one of Beethoven's benefactors! That made my day. 

But you know what made my husband's day? Running around a dog park with his three boys and a muddy dog. So we were all happy. The end.

Hope you had a wonderful day as well.