How To: Make an Easy Pin The Moustache on Mario Game

I love old-fashioned birthday parties, and I really wanted to have pin-the-tail on the donkey type game. But, did you know that there are no Pin The Moustache on Mario games out there? I didn't! So I had to set out to make my own.

I am not the craftiest of people, so drawing a moustacheless Mario is beyond my abilities. Then I figured out that all I needed to make my own was an inexpensive poster (I bought this one for less than $2), plastic wrap (yes, the kind you already have in your kitchen), printer paper and a black sharpie, and I made one in less than 30 minutes.

Did the kids care that the Mario in the poster had a mustache already? Of course not! I told them that the one who got it closest to his nose, won. The kids had a blast, and my son still has the poster hanging in the playroom.


Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Trace the moustache

I placed the plastic wrap over Mario's face, carefully traced his mustache with the sharpie and ta-da! Instant stencil. For this picture I moved the plastic wrap so you can see what I did. So easy, right

Here is the finished stencil:

Step 2: Transfer to plain white paper

Next, I traced the moustache from the stencil onto plain white printer paper. I managed to fit six mustaches on a sheet, and then I filled them in with the Sharpie. Like so:

Step 3: The cheat sheet

I filled in all the mustaches but my arm got tired, but since I still needed 12 more, I just made two black and white photocopies of the colored in mustaches. I'm tricky!

Let the games begin!

All that left to do is put up your poster, cut out the mustaches and back them with some masking tape, blindfold your players and let the fun begin! When the party's done, your poster can be hung in your kid's bedroom or play room, which is both thrifty and smart.