Gone Fishin'


My apologies to all of you who already follow me on Instagram and have already seen these pictures, but we're spending a few days in Cape Cod and we are obsessed with the seals and the fishermen. 

This is as close as we're getting to Jaws -- this video is gory and bloody and of course my kids couldn't get enough!

We saw the flirtatious seals at the pier waiting for scraps -- it's not hard so see how old-time mariners believed in mermaids. I swear that one of the seals winked at me before diving down, like she was leading me to my doom. 

I've learned three things about seals this trip. One, don't touch 'em, or you risk Seal Finger. (Go on, read about it. It's gross.) Two, don't swim near them, unless you enjoy swimming with great white sharks. And three, the seal tours are cute and all, but you can get a much better view (and free!) at the Chatham fish pier (we went around 11:00 am). 

Plus, the aforementioned gore. Most of the fish on that video are sharks, headed to Europe. We have no idea why, and the fisherman wasn't telling.