Easy Piranha Plants

I initially thought I would be able to make the Piranha Plants found here, but I lack the patience required to wait for painted Styrofoam balls to dry. I also lack styrofoam balls and the desire to drive to Michael's.

So instead I went to CVS, bought poster board in red, green and white, grabbed scissors and Elmer's glue, and "planted" them in plastic pots. I used a dinner plate for the round heads. Think PacMan for the mouth. The teeth are little triangles, and the spots are random circles of different sizes. Like most things in life, the less perfect they look, the better -- so relax!

The white "lip" on the mouth covered up the imperfections in the cutting process. And the stem is just rolled-up poster board, glued and taped into place. We still have them around two years later.