A DIY Nintendo Birthday Party (Wii U edition!)

I get to do a lot of fun things thanks to my blogging and one of my favorites things to do is to throw parties. Last year, with the help of Nintendo, I threw one son a Mario Brothers themed party (he requested the party and I asked Nintendo for help) and this year his younger brother wanted the same. I was not planning on an at home party this year -- two years in a row is too much for me. But he insisted. And it was his birthday -- I'm not made of stone, friends.

Lucky for me, I was contacted by my friends at Nintendo (I'm one of their ambassadors) around the same time, and they asked me if I wanted to throw a Wii U party. It just happened to fall on my son's birthday weekend, so we made it a Wii U birthday party.

And now, I have a reputation among local elementary school kids for throwing Nintendo parties. Not a bad reputation to have at all, if you ask me!


My two lovely Wii U hostesses -- they handled 18 kindergarteners like pros!

Was it fun?


We had the benefit of a Wii U console and our many controllers from our old Wii (you can use Wii controllers on the Wii U, no problem) so 5 kids were able to play at once. But what did the other kids do while waiting for their turns? Tons! And it was all homemade, despite my laziness.