Down the Cape

Oh, you guys. We've been back from Cape Cod for TWO weeks now. Two weeks! I don't even know where the time goes. 

 Beautiful Skaket beach. Our favorite beach on the Cape!

This clam was spitting mad, and we kinda loved him for it. 

The beaches at Brewster are amazing -- the tide goes out so far. It's amazing and serene and weird, almost.

GMC was amazing enough to lend us a Terrain for our Cape adventures! We took it to the Wellfleet Drive-In, and it was just perfect.

Lola was a beach blanket hog -- until she ate so much sand she had to go to the hospital. She was fine in the end, but gave us quite a scare. Bad Lola!

The lazy girl's guide to pearl hunting. Not very productive, as you can imagine, so our careers as pearl magnates were short lived.