Embracing imperfection

Dante and Virgil at the MFA (c) Everyday TreatsI can't believe how little I've blogged lately. I should of course tell you that the reason is that I'm so very important and therefore so very busy, but that is terribly boring and not entirely true. I could also pretend that there is some deep dark reason I'd been keeping from you and this is the big reveal, but that would definitely not be true.

The whole truth is more common than I'd care to admit. I'd simply gotten out of the habit...and then, the longer I was away from the laptop, the more perfect I felt my first post back had to be. 

Now, I realize that this is stupid reasoning on my part. That you guys don't expect perfection because I've never delivered it. NO ONE can deliver perfection. But in my head, it was a perfectly good excuse. 

Of course, no one needs an excuse for not writing. You either do it or you don't. The world doesn't stop, waiting with bated breath for your next words. But the truth is, that I miss it. So I'm back, as perfectly imperfect as always. 

I've missed you all.